WP Notification Bar Pro v1.1.6

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WP Notification Bar is a custom notifications and alerts plugin for WordPress that displays a sleek message bar on your website. It can help you grow your email list, manage marketing promotions, increase your social media following or grow the audience for specific pages on your website



  • Premium Quality Plugin
    WP Notification Bar is a high quality, handcrafted WordPress plugs created by the lead. in WordPress themes and technologies
  • 100% Responsive
    WP Notification Bar is a completely responsive plugs, so it will work with any responsive WordPress theme. maintain a great experience on any .vice or browser.
  • Unlimited Color Choice
    Choose from unlimited color options thanks. We color picker . lets you customize your design Choose between a Hide, Toggle or No button for closing the notification bar. Choose how you vast your functionalityto appear to a use, letting them close the bat toggle it, or choose ‘no. if it’s an offer.
  • Fixed or Absolute Position
    WP Notification Bar lets you choose whether you want We bade have a fix. or absolute positioning, giving you more control
  • Add Unlimited Notification Bars
    Add as many bars as you want and then choose what pages they display on, with unkrot d notification bars  supported
  • Preview Them Right From Your Dashboard
    Preview your notification hers before setting them live, to prevent any mistakes and to make sired, 1.le exactly how you want
  • Show Newsletter Box
    You can show your newsletter subscription box in the bar, and grow subscribers for your email list.
  • Text Only Notification Bar
    You can choose to only display.. in your notification ban if you want it to he us. as an alert update or m.o..
  • Button Notification Bar
    If you wad to encourage your users to take acts,. can display a button that the user can click and take anon based upon your bar.
  • Show Related Posts Based On Recent, Related, Custom Categories/Tags
    You can show related posts in the notification bar and choose what parameters are us. to choose the posts
  • 18 Different Social Media Services Included
    WP Notification Bar supports IS different social media services so you can show differed information from those social services in your bars
  • Show Twitter Feeds
    You can pull data from a Twitter feed and display We tweets in your notification bar using the Twitter feed support.
  • Show Facebook Feeds
    WP Notification Bar also supports pulling facebook feeds into the notification bar so you can display FB posts
  • Show a Countdown Timer
    Use a countdown in your notification bar. add a sense of urgency for. user taking action and to make your offer limited time only
  • Show a Youtube, Vimeo Video in a Popup
    You can show a YouTube or video in a popup and add a nice touch of video to your notification bar actions
  • Show a Search Form
    Show a search form in the notification bar that lets your users search for information directly from the search form.
  • Show Custom HTML
    Add custom WOOL code. your notification bar and add even more fun.onafity to your notification bars.
  • Use any Shortcode in the Notification Bar
    Use the shortcodes in the notification bar to add butons, forms, and more.
  • Use Custom Padding
    Add custom padding to your notification bar of the spacing and appearance of your notification bar and make it look how you want
  • Comes with 14 Pre-Defined Color Schemes
    Choose from 14 pre-defined color schemes included in WP Notification Bar and be up and running quickly with a great design.
  • Show on Specific Posts, Pages, Custom URL
    If you have a custom notification that is specific to a post or UK, you can throw specific posts or pages to display the bar on
  • Exclude Specific Posts, Pages, Custom URL
    You can exclude posts or other UR, from display the notification bars based upon your own preferences
  • Show Only if a Visitor is Not Logged In
    Encourage users to log in, or It them know what they are missing, by showing only a message vsitors not logged in
  • Show Only if a Visitor is Logged In
    If you have a special message for logged in visitors, you can choose to only display a notification bar to logged in users.
  • Set Number of Times a Notification Bar is Visible
    Don’t show your notification her an unlimited amount of time, set it to a limited number of times and don’t annoy your users to death
  • Show Only on Mobile Devices
    Show a special notification to mobile users and get Nem to take action by using the riot,ile device feature
  • Hide Only on Mobile Devices
    Hide notification bars on mobile devices you want to save screen space on mobile or only show notifications to desktop users
  • Show Only to a Search Engine Visitor
    Offer special deals or a greeting to search engine and encourage them to come back with just a quick feature change
  • Hide Only From a Search Engine Visitor
    If you don’t want to show a notification to search engine visitors, you can hide the notification bars from them easily.
  • Show Only to a Specific Referrer
    Show your notification bar to visitors from certain referrers and give them special information based on their referrer.
  • Hide Only From a Specific Referrer
    Choose. hide the notification bar from certain referrers if you don’t want them to see a specific notification.
  • Translation Ready
    The plugs is translation ready so you can tend. your Mon. other languages simply by adding a file to your theme
  • Supports All WordPress Themes
    WP Notification Bar supports all WordPress themes so it will work with your existing theme, guaranteed
  • 365/24/7 Support
    WP Notification Bar comes with around We clock support from our decked. Warn of knowledgeable professionals

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