Sitebulb v3.5.2 Pro & Ninja Version Cracked

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Sitebulb is the second product we have developed for the SEO community, the first being a data collection tool called URL Profiler. We are a 2 man team, where Gareth does literally all the development, and Patrick does everything that is not development (including writing this copy).



  • Ready-made recommendations
    Hundreds of context-specific hints that highlight important issues and show you what to focus on.
    Identify technical SEO problems without having to dig around for hours.
  • Data visualization
    Graphs and charts to help you understand what the data actually means. They also look awesome in your client reports.
    Ready to stop hacking together your own graphs in Excel?
  • Comprehensive reports
    Detailed, unique and insightful reports for each area of website optimization.
    Easily identify the most important issues and opportunities.
  • Powerful explorers
    Your in-built search engine for every data point you want to investigate.
    Dig deep into your audit by building your own custom reports.
  • Audit websites of any size
    Crawl 500,000+ URL websites (without rinsing your entire budget on ‘crawl credits’).
    You shouldn’t be restricted to only auditing small websites. Size doesn’t matter, right?

Sitebulb PRO Version 3.5.2

Sitebulb NINJA Version 3.5.2

Version 3.5.2 Released on 27th March 2020

Version jump alert. This happened because the devs created v3.5.1 as a hotfix while I was busy homeschooling, and since they are developers they are incapable of stringing a sentence together, so they just did not bother to even release it.



#1 Added subdomains tab into ‘External’
Sitebulb treats subdomain URLs as external URLs, but up to this point we did not make it very easy to separate out subdomain URLs. So we added a new tab into the External report which does this for you. Simply click the subdomain link for a URL List of all the URLs for each subdomain.

#2 Clearer settings button
Too often, customers would come up to me in the street and ask me ‘but what settings did I use on this audit?’. Frankly, I have better things to talk about*, so we made a easy to spot button on the Audit Overview:

*This is actually not true. The only thing anyone ever talks about anymore is the bastard coronavirus. I’d rather talk about settings.


#3 Changed the default sort order to descending
In URL Lists, whenever you clicked the column heading to ‘sort’, it would sort the wrong way. I know there is really no right or wrong way to sort, but it always seemed wrong. So we swapped it.



  • If you viewed incoming/outgoing links in the URL Details page, it would claim that no anchor text was used for any of the links. This was a bug, y’all aren’t actually THAT bad at SEO.
  • if you had a dev site that used forms authentication, you were sometimes unable to add authentication, as there was a security restriction in Sitebulb which stopped in-site password modals from opening (which meant you could not login). Fixed.
  • Sitebulb was not crawling any links when the URL rewriter (an advanced setting, if you know, you know) was being used in any way shape or form. Not quite the intended behaviour.

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