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Shark Notify is a brand new simple plugin for WordPress sites that can trigger the need to buy of your customers instantly and effectively. By using this plugin, you can show special sales messages to mentally force your visitors to take actions and get the products sooner than they intend to.

This plugin is a good supplement to the trick of creating scarcity. You know it, right? For making a scarcity situation, you tell the customers that, for example, there’re only 5 copies of your e-book left at the discount price of $27 instead of $47. That’s a really good deal, and you use Shark Notify to narrowing it.

You use Shark Notify to send 4 notifications to their screen telling them that there are 4 people just bought the book. The customer will know that there’s only one copy left (while there are still many), and that encourages them to buy as soon as possible. In the next parts of my Shark Notify review, we will see the features inside this plugin and the working process of it.

Key Features of Shark Notify:
So, the plugin is quite simple, but it still has decent features to help you gain much more sales.

  • Easy Installation
    This is a very easy-to-install plugin for WordPress that you only need to open the admin page of your site and upload the zip file. With just 1 click, the plugin will be up and running with the system. You don’t have to do any configuration for it.
  • Send up to 12 Notifications
    You can create up to 12 notifications to send to visitors. Each notification includes an image of your product and a message written by you. You can write anything such as “Mike Tompkins bought Shark Notify WP plugin: 11 minutes ago”.
    With 12 notifications appearing continuously, you can make the visitors feel that the product is really hot and they have to buy it right away before someone else takes the last copy with discount price.
  • Easy Integration to Posts
    You can easily set up the destination for all of your messages to any posts you want with copying and pasting just a short line of code. You can put the code line anywhere in the post content and every visitor seeing the post will get the notifications.

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