Outlook Express Email Extractor v3.6.0 Cracked

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Outlook Express Email Extractor extracts all email addresses from Outlook Express and Outlook Express (.DBX) files. Outlook Express Email extractor is a very fast software for extract email addresses and easy to use. It process hundreds of .DBX files in single process and gives you a list of email addresses.

Outlook Express Email extractor has many options for extract email addresses, setting of options allow you to get a list of emails you actually need. Outlook Express Email Extractor saves your extracted emails in text file or excel file. It can extract emails from the date your mail id was created. It is very useful for outlook users and is a must for those who have so many emails. It is compatible with windows os. You can remove the duplicate entries by using this software.


  • It allows you add many .DBX files for extract emails in single process.
  • Extracted email addresses can be saved in CSV (Opens in EXCEL) and .TXT (Opens in notepad).
  • Outlook Express Email extractor is a very fast email extractor software.
  • Outlook Express Email Extractor is compatible with windows

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