Inspyder Web2Disk v5.1.4.11487 Cracked

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Web2Disk the easiest way to save an entire website to your computer. Just enter a website address and click Go! Web2Disk automatically finds all the pages and images on the website and downloads them to your PC. Web2Disk even fixes the links automatically that you can browse websites you’ve downloaded directly from your hard drive. What could be easier?

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy To Use
    Just enter a website URL and download the whole website!
  • Offline Browsing
    Web2Disk fixes downloaded websites for easy offline browsing.
  • Low Cost
    Web2Disk has a one-time cost ($39.95 per user-license), whether you download 20 pages or 20,000 pages.
  • Website Backup
    Automatically save a snapshot of your website; daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Email Alerts
    Get an email alert when a website is updated.
  • Put Your Website On CD
    Easily distribute your website on CD or USB drive without additional browser software!

How does Web2Disk work?

Web2Disk crawls every part of a website and saves a copy to your PC. When Web2Disk is done, it automatically updates the downloaded website so that all the links work with the downloaded pages. You can browse the offline website in Internet Explorer, Chrome and FireFox as if it were still online!

Now it’s quick and easy to distribute your website on CD or USB drive. You can share an offline website with anyone, no special software is required to view downloaded sites.
Easy To Use, Industrial Strength

Just because Web2Disk is easy to use doesn’t mean it isn’t industrial strength. Web2Disk is built to download even the biggest websites without breaking a sweat. Our massive user base includes many legal professionals and government agencies who use Web2Disk to make forensic copies of websites. You can trust that Web2Disk is the right tool for the job.

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