Channel Authority Builder 2 PRO v2.2 Cracked

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Channel authority builder- A Next Generation Video Marketing System. This is the only YouTube software that helps you design massive authority channels getting hundreds of thousands and even millions of views a month. It brings to you fresh, unexplored content discovery mechanisms. You can now create content that is relevant and strategically placed, so it drives organic traffic to your site and builds your authority.


  • Monitor your YouTube ranking and your competitor’s to get a comparative analysis. Also find out the popular videos in your niche.
  • Ethically hijack the credibility of top YouTube channels in your niche and leverage it to position your content effectively.
  • Helps you understand the dynamics of the successful videos, so you can use them to boost your own YouTube channel.
  • Gets you updates on latest trends and content, to help you create your own engaging content.


  • It gives you visual cues that track your ranking for the video keywords you have used.
  • Helps monitor your competitor’s ranking in your niche.
  • The distinctive ‘Video Watch’ feature allows you to monitor the popular videos trending basis which you can design your content.
  • Keeps a track of any deviations in viewership, subscriptions or popularity to help you strategize and boost your own YouTube channel.
  • Helps you appear on the YouTube video sidebars of popular videos, driving more organic traffic to your YouTube channel.
  • Gets you a comprehensive list of all the channels in your niche, to help upgrade your videos and trend faster on YouTube.
  • Updates you with trending tags, which you can use to boost your YouTube channel viewership.

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